Sunday, December 30, 2012

Relax in the Great Outdoors

Getting the Camping Mindset
You may be in a beautiful place trying to relax, but you can’t get your mind off your busy life at home. Here is how to physically AND mentally go camping, which means fully relaxing and having a fun, stress free vacation in the great outdoors.

Before your trip
·      Make a to do list of things to get done prior to the trip so you don’t have to worry about them when you get back
·      Be ahead of schedule
  •    Begin packing for the trip a week before so that you are prepared and don’t forget anything

·      Be organized
  •    Plan out everything so that there is no chaos when you arrive. Assign tasks to members of the trip so set-up goes smoothly and without fuss

Forgetting your worries
  • Make sure you have a nice, comfortable chair to relax in
  • Pick out a couple good reads; nothing is better than sitting and listening to the wilderness with a great book and people you love
  •  Master the campfire. Sitting with loved ones around the campfire provides some of the best memories
  •  Get the group together for a game of cards
  •   Bring a yoga mat and do some poses in the peaceful wilderness
  • Bring a portable music player for some relaxing time
  • Take a leisurely walk in the woods. It is more peaceful than it sounds
  • Take a hammock with you, or make your own out of a sheet
  •  If you’re near a lake take a picnic out there and relax by the water, maybe even take a nap, as long as you’re not on lifeguard duty
  • Cooking can be more relaxing than you think, especially outdoors over a fire
  •  Go on a nice hike and explore
You deserve it
  • Splurge a little and get some adult toys like a kayak or raft with cup holders  
  • Baked goods are even tastier when camping. Bring some cookies or brownies and bake some banana bread to slice up
  •  Bring some good wine to crack open
  • Enjoy the great outdoors for what it is and relax. 

Make sure you’re surrounding with good friends and family. Talk, laugh, tell stories, and most of all take in the scenery; how often do you get to stare up at big beautiful trees, a night sky not polluted by smog or lights, and a campfire lighting up the faces of the ones you love.