Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall Decor For The Outdoors

Pumpkins, Colors, Leaves and More Pumpkins!

Fall is a time when the colors change and the outdoors become even more beautiful, but that doesn't mean you have to leave it for nature to do all the work. There are many things that you can do around your outdoor setting to glamorize it.

Pumpkin Tablecloth Weights

A subtle and unique way to bring the natural accessories of autumn into your dining space. Simply find 4 Jack be Little or Baby Boo pumpkins with curved stems (a necessity). Tie the stems to a foot long piece of ribbon, twine, or string, and tie opposite ends to each corner of the tablecloth. VoilĂ , a beautiful and simple addition to your fall decor. You can use this fun accessory for any fall outdoor occasion whether your camping, tailgating, or having a backyard party. Glam up your outdoor space! 

Greens: Center Pieces, Dinnerware, and Food

Since the trees outside are colorful, bring back the green with your dinnerware and accessories. These beautiful pumpkins are Blue Maxes or Jarrahdales. Bring in vegetables for your centerpieces as well, eggplant and artichokes are good for this. And for the dinnerware, have fun with colors and styles. For more dinnerware inspiration click here

Whites, Lights and Clears

Let the natural colors of fall stand alone for a nice clean look with white and clear dinnerware. Simple designs and patters can go a long way though. Shop for these styles and more. For a fun and classy centerpiece, use a casper pumpkin (white) or another, cut out stem, gut, and fill with flowers. Any easy and unique way to incorporate pumpkins into stunning decor pieces.  

Vibrant and Festive Reds and Oranges

The colors of Thanksgiving come alive with these bold Cinderella and Red Warty (yes, it's real name) Pumpkins. You can even add pinecones and fallen leaves to your decor to give it a beautiful and festive feel. For Vibrant dinnerware think patterns, and eye catching designs. Visit our site for more options and inspirations.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Winner of GH Outdoor Kitchen

And the Winner is....

Sherrill Rigney

Thank you Sherrill Rigney for entering to win our annual GH Outdoor Kitchen Giveaway!

Here is a picture to show the features of this collapsible kitchen!

If you want to have one too you can purchase here 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cocktail Photo & Recipe Contest!

Get Your Party On! 

In collaboration with Quench Products, we will be hosting a contest looking for the best outdoor cocktail photo and recipe! The prize will be one these incredible, one of a kind, 10 in 1 bar-tending tools to help make all of your favorite cocktails and mocktails with ease. Your recipe and photo will also be published on our blog and website! 

All you have to do to enter is post a picture of the cocktail, preferably being made outdoors, along with a quick recipe. You can post on any of our social media pages or as a comment on this blog to be entered. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just make sure you tag Grasshaven if you are using Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and hashtag #cocktailcontest! 

Get Ready to Mumble!!!...? 

This contest is accepting entries until October 22 at Midnight (so you can use for your Halloween party) Winner will be notified on the 23th and will have their Bar10der tool in their mailbox by Halloween Eve! 

About the Bar10der:

price: $39.99

If you don't want to wait to win the bar10der, you can purchase here 

To learn more about Quench Products and their awesome bar tools click here!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

More than Chocolate in Hershey, PA

America's Largest RV Show put on by PRVCA (Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association) in Hershey, Pennsylvania (yes, that is where they make the chocolate!). This magical  event occurs once a year in September and draws people in from all over the country. We had the pleasure of attending as vendors for the first time this year and could not be happier with our experience! We definitely hope to be back next year. Here is a bit about our experience in Hershey, in the show and in town.

Hershey Chocolate Factory! 

Hershey factory is a must! A bit centered toward children, but also brings out the child in all of us. So much to do here including a free historical tour, create your own candy bar, chocolate tasting lessons, and much more! You will not have any shortage of chocolate by the time you leave here.

Hershey Amusement Park

Yes! An amusement park! We had no idea either. Generously, PRVCA had a vendor party here before the show began. All the vendors got to eat, drink, and be merry at the hershey amusement park for the last three hours of being open. After eating and socializing we decided it was time to go on some rides. Looking for the most thrilling ride there, we came upon Fahrenheit, a ride that drops at a 97 degree angle! There was no line, so we went on it three times, didn't even bother getting off. I definitely recommend stopping by the park if you visit Hershey! 

America's Largest RV Show!!

So well arranged and organized, and what a blast everyone is! The employers of PRVCA are great, so considerate and excited for each and every vendor there. They truly try and satisfy each and every person there, vendors and attendees. We were very lucky to receive a prime location after there was a no show. We had a big long space that allowed us to showcase all of our products and displays in a very clean and organized manner. 

We had so much fun meeting everyone that helps put this magic together, as well as all of our customers! Everyone that came by the booth was so gracious and pleasant; you could see there was real support behind every person that we were able to talk to. Thank you for that, it is very appreciative and we love having you all as not just customers, but members of the grasshaven community! Getting outdoors is difficult for a lot of people, and we try to make it easier. We also want to make your RV homes feel more like home, so please give us your feedback and let us know how we are doing and how you think we could improve.