Sunday, November 23, 2014

Outdoor Inspired Thanksgiving: Menu, Decor & More

Holiday season greets us again...

As much as Thanksgiving is about tradition, it feels like deja vu every year when you get the same plate of food, as delicious as it is. This Thanksgiving why not change up some things! Surprise your guests with new and creative recipes. Were talking bold flavor and different cooking styles. And not just food, make your house flourish inside and out with fall festive decor. Let the kids help decorate with fun crafty projects leading up to the day! We are here to help make your Thanksgiving stand out from the rest.

Thanksgiving Menu

Replace those same mashed potatoes with something full of flavor and exciting: Maxwell Roasted Potatoes  The secret is to use already cooked potatoes to start. Tossing the cubed potatoes with a hefty dose of olive oil and sea salt creates the crisp coating. Cook up extra baked potatoes one evening and make Maxwell potatoes the following.   

How about a tasty side dish to compete with green bean casserole... Cauliflower and Potato Gratin
Creamy, comfy and divine are the only ways to describe this dish. Potatoes and cauliflower make a perfect match especially when paired with a gooey, cheesy sauce. Topped off with Panko breadcrumbs and the result is a crispy crust that forms.

Boring Creamed Corn.... Fire Roasted Corn on the Cob with Rosemary Butter!      
This holiday classic can be elevated to sophistication with the addition of exotic herbs and spices.
                                 Ever Tried Deep Fried Turkey?                                        Brined Deep Fried Turkey
Cooking a turkey outside over an open propane flame means only one thing, the plump juiciness that only a fried turkey brings while brining the turkey infuses it with tremendous flavor (although this step can be made optional). Deep frying is easy outdoors and yields a crisp and irresistibly tender turkey dinner.

Still need a green? Mix it up with brussels sprouts
rather than the traditional green beans.
Even though some people turn their nose at these little green morsels, we think they need a second chance.  For us, it’s all in the prep. We bet even the most skeptic will find this preparation irresistible. 

 This soup will amaze even the biggest skeptic of vegan dishes. What is so remarkable about this soup is that everyone swears it is made with cream or some sort of dairy product. Curiously, there is no dairy and that’s where the magic comes in. 


Make your Home Flourish in Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving festive decor for your home can be as simple as putting vegetables in a vase. You're going to have to stock up on onions anyway, might as well buy some extras to add to the natural decorations that they provide. Using a variety of colors and sizes keeps it diverse, whereas using all of the same color will give you a more crisp look. Colors and texture are what bring together the thanksgiving theme. Think oranges, reds, soft purples, and light browns or creams. As for texture, leafy, crinkled, and natural substances create the feel for the festive holiday. 

Onions work well because of their leafy surface and their stringy roots. Gourds, squash, chilis, and shallots also double as natural decoration for your holiday adorned home. Other naturals substances you can use are dry split peas, red beans, and corn kernels. These arrange beautifully in contrast with each other. Fill a mason jar or vase and insert a candle in the middle. Tie some twine around the outside and voilĂ ! So many simple ways ways to brighten up your home with the colors of the season. 

Another great indoor or outdoor decoration for the season is a pumpkin vase! Simple and fun, can even be a craft for the kids to join in on. Cut out the top and clean out just as you would for carving. Place a short vase inside the pumpkin filled with water and add a bouquet of festive flowers! This decorative craft will sure surprise and delight your guests.

Thanksgiving Craft 

Now how about letting the kids get in on the crafts? Another simple but fun project to keep the kids busy and decorate the house. For this one all you need is a few pinecones, construction paper, glue, scissors, and any additions such as leaves and markers. Simply cut out "hand turkeys" in a variety of colors and glue them to the back of the pine cone, you can also include leaves here. Cut out a turkey head shape and glue it to the front of the pine cone and add on a gobble and an eye. For the feet, you can use construction paper or pipe cleaner. Decorate your porch with these fun little gobblers or above the fireplace. Any way you display, these are sure to get attention!

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