Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Gratitude and Remembrance

As I sit here on Memorial Day 2013, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and remembrance.  I am grateful that Grasshaven Outdoor has met such an acceptance and community following in a short period of time.  I am grateful that our products and information can be used to get families outdoors and participating in family camping together.  I am grateful that we have a community of product suppliers who believe in Grasshaven.  I am grateful that we live in a world where a woman can create a business focused fundamentally on the family.  I am grateful that we can translate that business into a culture of empowerment and support for other women and men.

As I continue to sit and ponder all my gratitudes, I am also overcome with profound remembrance on this Memorial Day.  I think of the emotional and physical sacrifices that men and women today and in generations prior have given.  Their sacrifices have created an environment that enables gratitude.  An environment that supports freedoms.  An environment giving of liberties.

Thank you to all who have given to create this amazing country.

With gratitude and remembrance,

Dawn Bitz
Founder, Grasshaven Outdoor