Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Luxury Camping Destinations: RVC, Our Top Pick

At Grasshaven we are often asked, where should I go on my next camping or RV outdoor vacation?  We have finally found the answer.  And our answer is any property owned and operated by RVC Outdoor.  The idea behind RVC is to take your favorite hotel, put it in a natural setting and add any hotel-expected amenity (valet, concierge, fitness equipment and the list goes on); the results are luxury camping destinations and resorts perfect for your family's next retreat.  They have tent sites, RV pads and even cabins and Yurts.  Every accommodation has been considered.

With eight open and operational sites across the southeast and more in the works westward, RVC is continuing to expand its property presence.  Recently, they announced the grand reopening of the Garden of the Gods Camping Resort in Colorado Springs. This grand reopening also ushers in an opportunity for Grasshaven as we have collaborated with the Garden of the Gods Camping Resort to open our first retail store within a store.

The Grasshaven Outdoor store in the Garden of the Gods Camping Resort is the first location where customers can get a hands on experience with products and the lifestyle Grasshaven strives to promote.  From beautiful dishes and silverware geared towards camping and the RV-lifestyles to awesome camping products and decor, we work hard to "think of everything" as we fashion our line of "home-away-from-home" products (so you don't have to).  We even have mock campsite exhibits for shoppers to browse through and enjoy.

"This strategic alliance between the camping resort and our company perfectly marries the high-style of Grasshaven Outdoor products with the high-end camping experience of the RVC Outdoor Group," says Dawn Bitz, Grasshaven President/Founder.  "We are so thrilled to showcase our products including many that are made in the US in our new space.  It's simply spectacular and sensational!"  The collaboration between RVC and Grasshaven marries style with the ease and comfort that families need to have fun in the outdoors.

To view images from our Grasshaven store in the Garden of the Gods camping resort click here. For more information and to see some of the beautiful RVC destinations first hand, check out the video