Thursday, September 3, 2015

Outdoor Gatherings: Glam up your Space

When creating your outdoor space, whether it is your backyard, campsite, RV or even tailgate, do you consider style and comfortability? Who's to say you should treat your outdoor space the same as your indoor? Grasshaven Outdoor is here to tell you and show you that the outdoors is more than just a picnic or a hike, it is where memories are made, and that those memories can be beautiful in all respects. Take a look below to see how we revolutionize the outdoor dining space, cooking space and

Outdoor Dining

Get rid of paper plates already. Upgrading to beautiful melamine dinnerware that complements the colors of the outdoors, that makes the picnic table look rustic rather than dirty. Make that picnic table your dining room. Think centerpieces of flowers, pinecones, candles, etc. Just because the outdoors isn't synonymous with style doesn't mean it shouldn't be. Pick out your outdoor dinnerware collection here. Don't be shy to mix and match either, vibrant colors and designs do not need to be sacrificed. Whether it is your backyard, a campsite, the RV or even a picnic or BBQ, style can always be at your side to elevate your experience. Another thing that does not have to be sacrificed... Cooking.

Outdoor Cooking

Please no more hotdogs. One thing that can help an outdoor meal grandly is a little bit of at home prep. It is not necessary but doing some chopping of vegetables or marinating before that actual campsite prep can go a long way. Check our list of recipes that have been tried and true to the Grasshaven Team for find what works for your outdoor event. Next up, everything you need to make these meals.

The Outdoor Kitchen

You have more than a campfire and a stick... Again, make your outdoor cooking space your kitchen. You should be comfortable and at ease when cooking in the outdoors, it makes more time to have great memories with your family and friends. Want to see some convenient gadgets for your outdoor kitchen? Make Camping Easy

The Campsite

Putting it all together. Your campsite is your temporary home, and it should feel no less than that. Your kitchen, living room around a grand fire, dining room and bedroom are all there, the only place that is a bit hard to make feel like home is the bathroom, but we'll find a solution to that soon enough. Every little thing adds to that campsite: Tablecloth, centerpiece, vase, dinnerware, kitchen, games, lanterns, blankets... accessories! Make the campsite your home! We can help. Make the outdoors even more beautiful then it already is. 

Have, fun, good luck, and get ready to camp in style. Everything else you need can be found here.