Tuesday, October 6, 2015

RX: Nature

Getting Outdoors For Your Health

Remember the days of playing outdoors with your neighbors until the street lamps turned on? Do your kids? With technology overrunning our world, it is our duty to make sure that our kids are still enjoying their youth the way we did... learning outdoors through experience, falling and scrapping their knees, seeing things in person rather than on the internet. On this National Children's Health Day, we are  urging you to get your children outdoors as much as possible for their mental and physical health. Not convinced? Here's some more reasons.

1. Body

Physical fitness is increased when outdoors, whether your playing tag, hiking, even on a swing... it's a lot more than sitting on a couch. Prevent obesity, play outside. Vitamin D is also absorbed from the sun. Can't get that from the indoors. Sight is also benefited from being outdoors. There is more range to stretch your eyes, therefore lowering the risk nearsightedness.

2. Mind

Statistical records show that time spent outdoors directly correlates to better focus and attention in school. ADHD has a lower chance of setting in if your child spends more time outdoors. Critical thinking is also improved. Significant time spent outdoors in children has also been shown to reduce stress, improve social relations and increase creativity and problem solving skills.

3. Spirit

Connectivity to nature has proven to elevate a child's awareness to himself and the world around him by improving his emotional, cognitive and behavioral abilities in social and physical environments. Being exposed to natural life including plants, water, and fresh air is relaxing and grounding, maybe you should get outdoors more too!

Here are some activities that you can do as a family

Disc Golf

An easy walk in the park with the family made more enticing with a fun game that anyone can play. Also a fairly cheap sport as all you need are a few discs per person. Make it a day with a picnic planned. Most Disc Golf parks have picnic tables and if you're lucky a creek or lake nearby. This accessible outdoor activity is family friendly for all ages and a quick escape to the outdoors. No more excuses.

Take A Hike

Literally. Find a nearby place or when planning a camping trip, pick out a few hikes to do with the family.  Many sites online especially within a national forest or park will list all of the hikes with ratings of difficulty and sights that you will see. Get up and out of the house and into the wilderness. Jump in a freezing cold lake or a relaxing hot spring. The world has so much to offer, and it's not from your laptop.


The most accessible if you live in a rural area, if not you may have to take a drive to get a good look at the starry night and way from city lights. Also you will need to check the weather to plan around rain and clouds. This activity includes the whole family, some hot chocolate, blankets and your imagination. Don't look at your mobile stargazing app, just make images of the stars the same way you would with clouds. 

Happy National Children's Health Day, Be sure to get outdoors and improve the health of your whole family today.