Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Bucket List

It's Not Over Yet!

August has arrived and summer is winding down, but its not quite time to go back to school shopping. There are still a few weeks left in summer and why not enjoy it outdoors. Because there is only a short amount of time left, we made you a bucket list to get your summer priorities straight!

Summer 2015 Bucket List

1. The Beach

You don't have to be near the coast to go to the beach, most lakes and rivers have great beaches, some with snack bars,  water sport rentals and lifeguard. However, you don't need all of that to have a successful beach day. Necessities: Beach Towels, Sunscreen, Water, Snacks, Hat. Luxuries: Water Toys, Beach Chairs, Chilled Beverages, Picnic, Grill etc. Get inspiration here.

2.  Camping

Okay, so it may be too late to get reservations at a lot of the good campgrounds, but don't forget about first come, first serve locations. Go to to explore and filter to find the perfect campground near you. You can also explore areas such as national or state parks that allow dispersed camping. Do not fear the thought of backpacking, a lot of these spots can be found off of dirt roads and side streets with turn outs for parking. You may have to walk 50-100 ft. Rather than winging it and hoping to find something, you can also look for reviews on google or the parks site. Tent, chairs, outdoor friendly dinnerware, games, kitchen utensils and gadgets, grill, and much more can be found here.

3. Backyard Party

Pool party or not, gathering your friends and family for an easy outdoor gathering is a must this summer. You can even make it potluck to decrease the workload and share the food prep responsibilities.  Here are some of our favorite recipes: Salted Carmel Monkey S'mores, Lavender Mint Lemonade, Fire Roasted Corn with Rosemary Butter, Lovage Infused Coleslaw,  and Rib-eye with Pecan Shallot Butter. Enjoy! Fun outdoor dinnerware and accessories also help the party look festive and stylish!

4. Take Me Out To A Ball Game

Even if you're not a baseball fan, any occasion that gets a group of friends together to spend the day outdoors is a good occasion. Plan to arrive early and have someone designated to tailgate. Everyone brings something to contribute to a great bbq before the game. Remember to bring a football or frisbee for tailgate activities, and of course,  corn hole. Grilling gadgets and portable grills can be found here

5. Stargazing

Even if camping isn't your thing, you need to take a night to hang out with our moon and stars. If you don't live near a big city, you can most likely do this in your backyard. Get an air mattress or a kiddy pool and fill with pillows and blankets, make popcorn and hot chocolate watch. Make sure to check the weather to be sure it is clear. You can also check to see when the next meteor shower is or what planets will be visible when you plan your gazing night. Star charts can make this fun for picking out constellations. Also watch out for moving stars (satellites), and shooting stars!

Think we missed a big one? Add it to the comments and we will add it to the post! Have a great rest of summer!