Friday, May 10, 2013

Who's Your Camping Momma?

For Mother's Day, the moms at and thought it fun to share a little humorous look at camping and specifically camping moms.

The smell of fresh air and the warmth of campfire, sounds inviting right?  Many moms relish the camping experience to some degree or another.  A few moms vehemently do not.  At, we wanted to better understand camping moms and ask the question: What’s your camping personality?  The verdicts are in.  Each mom has a different perception of the joys (or tortures) of camping.  Explore our light-hearted look at six camping mom archetypes and answer the question for yourself: “Where do I fit in?”

The Granola Camping Mom

This type of mom gives Bear Gryllis a run for his money.  Empowered, she packs light, hikes hard and escapes into the backcountry.   Journeying with the family into the far reaches of the wilderness and getting back (way back) to nature is her thing.  She brings only the essentials and looks for nature to provide the rest.   Look out wilderness this mama bear is going native.  Pack it in; pack it out…that’s her mantra.

Motto: “If Louis and Clark could do it, so can I”

What defines her:
Scoffs at cell phones, technology – there’s no technology in nature
… well, bears pee in the woods, don’t they?
Forages for bugs, beetles and other sources of protein

What she packs: Dehydrated food (or she uses her expert hunting and gathering skills); Bivy sack, the shoes on her feet and a sturdy dose of chutzpah

Where she stays:  Remote, self-created campsite after packing in five miles to climb a “fourteener”

Her sleeping arrangements: On the ground after the rocks are removed (mostly)

Secret Wish: A hot shower and fluffy bed

 The Den Camp Mother 

Calling all camp directors and den mothers (and those who wanna be).  This mama knows the ins and outs of the camp but she doesn’t have to go extremes.  She just likes to create memorable experiences with her loved ones.  Whether it’s camping at a primitive site or a campground with a few creature comforts, she just likes the time with her family and friends.   For her, camping is equivalent to quality family time like no other.

“I’m game for the outdoors: anytime, anyplace”

What defines her:
Gear is neatly packed in well organized bins and bags      Efficiency is everything; set up and break down is a snap      She’s comfortable in any outdoor situation

What she packs: Multi-functional and multi-use gear tailored to make the most out of her family’s adventures

Where she stays:  Anywhere. She just likes to be out with her most important people

Her sleeping arrangement: In an ample sized tent, on a cozy air mattress snuggled next to her family

Secret Wish: To do this again next weekend

The "Glamping" Camping Mom 

Ah the perfectly coiffed, styled and set campsite complete with coordinated stemware set against a perfectly foraged centerpiece that would make Colin Cowie envious.  This is glamorous, luxury camping at its finest.  This mama puts the Glamp into glamorous camping.  Move over Martha, there’s a new outdoor diva in town.

Motto: Camping shouldn’t be relegated to roughing it, I © glamorous camping

What defines her:
Creature comforts abound – she’s got it all 
Isn’t everyone’s campsite ready for a Sunset magazine cover?    Serves five-course meal plated on coordinating dinnerware

What she packs: Everything luxurious and it’s all coordinated

Where she stays:  Recreational camping destinations - hello? With concierge service, of course

Sleep: Under a duvet encircled down comforter set a top a 30-foot inflatable mattress.  This princess couldn’t feel a pea even if she tried.

Secret Wish: Sherpa to haul everything back and put it away 

The Haute Wheeling Mama

Arising early at the campsite for this mom entails rolling out of her bed, turning on the overhead light and creaking open the screen door.  Call it a 5th wheel, camper, motorhome or trailer; she just calls it her outdoor home.   There’s no tent camping for this matriarch of the open road.  Tents are where the kids (and occasionally the ill-behaved spouse) sleep.  She enjoys the well-deserved comforts of her home on wheels.  She survived the terrible twos, hasn’t she sacrificed enough in her life?

Motto: “Camping, I love to camp … in the comforts of my home on wheels.”

What defines her: 
 Four walls, floor, ceiling and 2+ wheels 
Square footage that makes a New Yorker envious 
Decked out outdoor living space complete with twinkly lights

What she packs: Clothes, everything else comes standard in her transportable home

Where she stays: Preferably the RV park with hook-ups and satellite TV

Her sleeping arrangement: Bed, comforter, nightstand just like back home

Secret Wish: Sleeping in a moonlight infused tent

The Reluctant Camping Mama

After significant poking, prodding and convincing from the family, this mom reluctantly gets outdoors, albeit, maybe only 25 feet from the backdoor. She characterizes the outdoors as dirty, bug infested and generally uncomfortable but for the sake of her family she’ll venture out. This mom's not keen on camping but musters enough courage to do it for a night (or two).

Motto: If the going gets rough, this mama goes home

What defines her:

Staying close to camp or her spouse for that matter
Camping sites with appropriate facilities close by (showers, toilets, running water etc.)
If it gets too extreme she gives up and sleeps in the car

What she packs: Bug, bear and bite spray and leaves the rest of the packing to the boys

Where she stays:  In the backyard (that’s outdoors right?!?!) or at the closest campgrounds to civilization  (or at the nearest Holiday Inn worst case)

Her sleeping arrangement: Inside a claustrophobic mummy sleeping bag on a 0.001 inch self-inflating mat after having left camping details to the “boys”

Secret Wish: To become a “Den Mother” and do this again next weekend

The Motel Camping Mama

 Operator can I order room service?  What, no room service?!?! Now I’m really camping, this mom thinks to herself.  We all know her (and we might even be her).  She sneers at the idea of staying overnight without a hot shower, indoor plumbing and the immutable HVAC system.  She craves electricity to power every gadget know to man (err woman) and she shuns the thought of roughing it.  I mean, no room service…this is roughing it in her mind.  She can’t wait to get back to civilization and like Dorothy, she repeated clicks her heels together citing “there’s no place like the Spa; there’s no place like the Spa.”

Motto: “Camping?!?  Isn’t that a hotel without room service”

What defines her:

Ideal outdoor experience: sitting on the grassy knoll, poolside
Prefers air conditioning to fresh air
Only lifts a polished finger to get the cabana boy’s attention

What she packs: Everything. Cosmetics; hairdryer and curling iron.  I mean a girl’s gotta look her best

Where she stays:  With every hotel booked for the Star Wars convention, she’ll grudgingly stay in the only open vacancy room

Her sleeping arrangement: On a lumpy hotel bed, listening to a noisy elevator all night

Secret Wish: To be really be outside camping 

Whether you’re a mom who delights in the back to nature basics of camping, hiking five miles with their kids’ and husband’s in tow.  Or a mom from the other spectrum who views camping as a hotel without room service, all moms are unique and loved by their families.  Whatever the case, moms are an important part of the outdoor experience however they personally choose to experience it.  We say just get outside and enjoy it together.