Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Red White & Blue, DIY, Treats and More this 4th of July

Happy Independence Day!

Having a party, especially for a holiday, can rack up quite a large bill. That's why grasshaven has come up with some fun and inexpensive ideas, from recipes to DIY, that will make your party rock!

Patriotic Mason Jars : A DIY Project

 Pre-party DIY crafts are a blast! They get you in the party spirit and most of all, handmade decor looks awesome! This simple project requires three mason jars, red white and blue acrylic paint, a paint brush, and any additional decor to ones own liking. First paint two jars completely red, the other completely blue. Wait for them to dry and add the white stripes and stars. We used the jars to hold flatware for the party, but had to use a bit of tissue paper inside the jar to elevate the flatware. They can also be used as centerpieces with flowers inside, as lanterns with tea light candles, or as jugs to drink out of with a straw. Have fun and get creative!

Every Party Needs a Fruit Salad!

 It's true, every party is better with a fruit salad. In the spirit of the fourth, why not make it a red white and blue one! Simple enough! Chop red apples to squares or triangles, rinse red raspberries or strawberries and blueberries and mix together in a festive bowl or platter.

Dipped and Sprinkled: Patriotic Party Treats

Easy peasy treats for the party that everyone will love! Gotta have all the flavors: salty, sweet, and fruity. The pretzels and strawberries are the easiest: dip in melted white chocolate and set on parchment paper, add red and white sprinkles and let dry. The marshmallows get a bit trickier, but we have faith in you ;) Dip either end in the white chocolate and slip onto a skewer or toothpick. Sprinkle each end of the marshmallow with a different color and let dry sticking upwards so it does not smudge. You can use other people's hands to hold, or place into a jar as seen in the picture.

Red White and Blue Everything: last but not least, Patriotic Parfaits!

Simple and delicious treat to satisfy everyones sweet tooth at the party! In a clear glass (martini, margarita, mason jar, ice cream bowl, etc...) add a layer of raspberries, followed by a layer of cool whip, then blueberries, and cool whip one last time, then drizzle with raspberries and sprinkles! Add a spoon and they'll be gone in seconds.

Grasshaven Product to get your Party Stylin'

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