Monday, May 6, 2013

Stylish and Family Camping Tips Featured in Sunset and RV West Magazines

No riding off into the Sunset here, at Grasshaven we're just getting started! 

When it comes to camping in style, with friends, the family or both, the team at Grasshaven Outdoor loves to share advice and tips.  May 2013 has publicized our advice in spades as both Sunset Magazine and RV West Magazine have highlighted some of Grasshaven's fun ideas to make camping more comfortable, chic and downright enjoyable!

In the May 2013 issue of Sunset Magazine, page 71, Dawn Bitz, founder and camping style guru, outlines four simple steps to get a hotel-quality rest in the great outdoors.  All it takes is an inflatable mattress, a metallic emergency blanket, a quilted mattress cover and some luxurious linens.  Who needs a sleeping bag, right.

Step 1: Lay the right foundation with an inflatable mattress
Step 2: Line for warmth by laying down an emergency blanket (to reflect the heat back to your body)
Step 3: Add some padding with a mattress cover
Step 4: Finish it off with a sheet set fitting for your bed at home.

In RV West online and in their printed magazine, Grasshaven shares five ways to personalize the RV lifestyle.

1. Turn the dinner table into a sensory feast by adding stylish outdoor appropriate dinnerware and drink ware

2. Bring out the campsite chef with multi-use and collapsible tools to create epicurean dining experiences

3. Add a softer side to the RV with rugs and luxurious linens

4. Use accessories and lighting to personalize your outdoor home

So whether its kitschy and campy (no pun intended) or sophisticated and stylish, take a cue from these publications and check out Grasshaven tips, tricks, recipes and products to  add personality and panache to the campsite. We think your family and friends will be glad you did.