Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ring the Camp Dinner Bell

When the warm days of July beckon, it calls everyone to get outside and enjoy all that summer has to offer. And when everyone is out hiking, camping and just enjoying quality time together, appetites build.  These aren't run of the mill everyday appetites.  These are big, bold outdoor appetites.  They require a meal fitting for the great outdoors.  With that in mind, we've pulled together one of our favorite dinner menu selections.  We are even preparing the menu live and offering camp cooking tips on Denver's KDVR Fox 31 Everyday Show, July 11th 2013.  So tune in and get hungry.

This is a dinner menu that packs something for everyone.  Vegetarians and those with gluten free diets will love our superfood, power packed Apricot Nutty Quinoa Salad.  While our recipe for Rib Eye with Pecan Shallot Butter will tantalize all the meat eaters out there. Round out the after dinner dessert cravings with one of our Salted Caramel Monkey S'More and quench your thirst with a glass of our Lavender Mint Lemonade.  We think you'll sit back with the feeling your summer camping experience is now complete.

Oh the open grill during an outdoor excursion makes everyone’s mouth water.  We think it’ll water even more when this dish is plated.  The rib eye, a meat lovers dream.  With is flavorful marbling; the rib eye may be perfection in a steak.  Dressed simply with olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper this flavorful cut of meat could stand absolutely on its own.  However, when it’s paired with scrumptious pecan and shallot infused butter, it becomes over-the-top, melt in your mouth good.  And the best part, when prepared at the campsite, it can be the evening highlight after an outstanding outdoors adventure.

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This recipe is a great stand alone for our vegetarian and vegan friends, but has an amazing flavor melding to stand up to our meat-a-saurus rib eye as a fitting side kick.

As an emerging celebrity of the whole grain circuit, quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is finally emerging into its rightful place as a superfood, both at the campsite and in the home.  With its mild, but nutty flavor, this power packed staple, high in protein and fiber, stands up well to just about any flavor thrown at it.  And, did we mention it’s easy to cook.  In our nutty version, we add an extra dose of protein through almonds and a little carb kick with fruit.  Yet the real zing is a little cayenne pepper for a “little get out and enjoy the outdoors” zest.  

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Salted Caramel Monkey S'Mores

When the campsite beckons for something new on the dessert front, try the salty sweet flavor infusion of Salted Caramel Monkey S’mores.   Sometimes known as banana boats, this self-packaged treat has all the trimmings to entice excitement out of even the most intrepid explored.  Grilling the banana helps toast the natural sugars while the addition of caramel, chocolate and a graham cracker crust makes this dish finger licking fare.   A pinch of sea salt balances the sugary concoction resulting in the perfect way to end a day in the outdoors

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What a better way to relish the summer outdoors than by enjoying a sunshine filled glass of lemonade.  Whether picnicking, camping or just sitting in the back yard, lemonade is the perfect summertime drink.  And with the addition of mint and lavender, two other quintessential summer flavors, traditional lemonade receives a modern, epicurean update.  So go ahead and pour a glass, the combination of these flavors creates a refreshing drink that welcomes the outdoors with open arms.  

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