Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grasshaven Best on Colorado's Best

Always delighted when Grasshaven can bring stylish camping and outdoor comfort to a broader audience.  This morning on Colorado's Best Show on Denver's CW network, Dawn Bitz, founder of Grasshaven Outdoor did just that.  With Labor Day around the corner, Joana Canales and Dawn Bitz discussed innovative picnic products to help everyone get outdoors this weekend.  Featuring both functional and gorgeous picnic baskets like the  Vintage GH Picnic Basket ; the Seine Deluxe Tote and the Seine wine and cheese tote for two, the show gave visibility to some highly selected products for the discerning taste.  

And as always on the menu, the show featured some of the Grasshaven teams' favorite picnic recipes and ideas.  We thought we'd share some of those ideas here as well.


Mason Jar Salad

What's the easiest way to transport salad to the picnic or campground?  A mason jar of course. Just layer your salad fixings then shake a few times just prior to serving

Layer 1 (bottom): Vinaigrette 
Layer 2: Salad veggies (carrots, sundried tomatoes, celery, etc)
Layer 3: Lettuce
Layer 4: Cheese, nuts and fruit
Layer 5: Croutons

Mason Jar Apple Pie (serves 2)

Nothing is more Americana than momma's apple pie and nothing brings more vintage nostalgia to apple pie than cooking and serving it in a Mason jar.  Just line a half pint jar with pie crust, fill with your favorite apple pie filling (or flavor of your choosing) and bake.  Bring that jar full of deliciousness and your picnic will be a success.

Picnic Skinny Dips

Nothing risque here, just bring some fun and healthy dips to the campsite transported in what else, Mason jars.  Use these utilitarian jars to easily bring hummus, bruschetta topping and cucumber and dill yogurt for a little interactive epicurean outdoor experience

Banana Pirates

Argh!  We let these little guys bring a bit of whimsy and smiles to the little ones faces at the picnic.  Cut them up and dip into a little chocolate mixed with cream and your pirate friends turn into Chocolate Fondue for two


Frozen Water Balloons

Fill'em up.  Freeze'em.  Let'em thaw and get ready for a soaking.  Water balloons can be used in so many ways.  Freezing then makes transporting them to the campsite or picnic easier.  They won't rupture as easily.  And if transported in the cooler, they serve double duty as they'll keep everything cold.  Just make sure to thaw them (and let them warm up a little in the sun) before the battle begins.

Straw Ties

Tie your straw to the drinks before departing for your picnic and you won't go searching for your straw when you arrive.  Finding fun paper straws also add some whimsy to your picnic or outdoor adventure  and makes your table look stylish too

Shoo Fly Drink Covers

Don't let pesky bugs, bug you at the picnic.  Invert a large cupcake liner.  Poke a straw through the center and your drink will stay bug free with this nifty little bonnet

Place Setting Perfection: 
Wrap up everything needed in a compact place setting.  Add some real plastic semi-reusable silverware; a napkin, straw, salt and pepper and your picnic will be the stylish talk of the town.